Buy now and watch Gold prices soar soon. Scratches are on the plastic cases not the coins. Coins are GEM perfect proofs with mirror finish. These are the first Olympic commemorative coins ever issued by the United States Mint.

It is also the first time since that the United States has issued a gold coin. These coins are legal tender of the United States. Obverse: Man and woman running toward the right, together bearing the Olympic torch. Reverse: Heraldic eagle. Obverse: Figure of discus thrower. Reverse: Bust of American eagle. Reverse: American eagle looking over its wing to right. Product Specifications. Original U.

U.S. Proof Sets; 1955-2015; 60 Year Run

Mint packaging and Certificate of Authenticity. We add new collection pieces almost daily so check all of our listings often. Thank you for looking! Register Sign in. View Desktop Version. Coins are perfect,scratches are on plastic cases. Seller Information: Rossiburger52 Positive Feedback: Item Description. Coin Condition:. Certified By:. Payment and Shipping Details. Refund will be given as: Money back Other Instructions: I will meet you if possible. Similar Items From This Seller:.

Very Cool Coin. Similar Items From Other Sellers:.The mintages for modern commemorative coins issued by the United States Mint are dependent upon the total number of coins sold to collectors during the specified offering period. The number of coins issued under each program is also subject to a certain maximum mintage indicated in the authorizing legislation.

In general, coins with the lowest mintages are the most valuable for their respective denominations. Commemorative coins have experienced low mintage levels for a variety of factors.

Olympic Coins

Over the years, some programs have carried themes or designs that did not experience a high degree of popularity with buyers, resulting in lower sales. The number of other numismatic products offered concurrently has also played a factor. During and immediately following periods with a large number of different commemorative coins issued, the number coins sold for each program has suffered. Collector preference for proof versions compared to uncirculated versions also plays a factor.

In almost all cases, the total sales for proofs is higher than for uncirculated coins. Different packaging options can have an impact, as coins included in multi-coin sets or special collectible products can experience higher sales than coins only offered individually. Finally, in recent years, the price of precious metals seems to have had an impact.

Gold and silver coins have become more expensive, prompting some collectors to cut back on their purchases. The modern commemoratives with the highest mintages primarily consist of the earlier issues. After nearly 30 years without commemorative offerings, there was a high level of pent up demand and collector excitement. The George Washington Half Dollar sold more than 7 million coins across the proof and uncirculated offerings.

The pages of this website dedicated to each individual modern commemorative coin include the maximum authorized mintage and final mintage. All of the final mintages are listed in the table below for easier access. Army Half Dollar 39, S U. Army Half Dollar 68, P U. Army Silver Dollar 43, S U. Army Silver DollarP U.In andthe United States Mint issued a series of commemorative coins to commemorate the Summer Olympic games held in Los Angeles.

These coins were authorized by Public Law The first coin of the series was the silver dollarwhich was the first commemorative dollar issued by the US Mint since the Grant Memorial gold dollar of A total ofuncirculated dollars were minted at the PhiladelphiaDenverand San Francisco Mintsplus 1, proof dollars minted at San Francisco.

The silver dollar was redesigned infeaturing the gateway to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The designer of this coin was Robert Grahamwho had also designed the gateway that appeared on the coin.

A ten-dollar gold coin a. Eagle was released in This coin features male and female Olympic torch runners. Of the 2, coins authorized by Public Lawa total ofuncirculated coins were minted at the four mints a majority at the West Point Mintand a further 75, proof coins were minted at West Point.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Olympics Gold Eagle. Retrieved Money portal Numismatics portal. Coinage of the United States. United States Bicentennial coinage. George Washington th Anniversary half dollar. Statue of Liberty commemorative coins.

United States Constitution Bicentennial commemorative coins.

1983 1984 us gold silver olympic 3 coin commemorative proof set

Congress Bicentennial commemorative coins. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Add links.Discover if you have one of these valuable commemorative silver dollars. In fact, cleaned coins are worth considerably less.

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Additionally, coin dealers can recognize a cleaned coin immediately. Therefore, never clean your coins! The United States Mint first produced commemorative coins in Production of commemorative coins continued until when Congress ceased to pass laws to issue commemorative coins due to abuse of the program.

Since then, commemorative coins have been issued on a regular basis. Modern commemorative silver dollars have always been popular with coin collectors in varying degrees. Some themes are more popular than others, and a coin's popularity may change over time. At this point, coin collectors' budgets were getting stretched with all the various offerings from the U. Therefore, some of these coins had very low sales and now experience high prices.

Most other commemorative coins are affordably priced and can be purchased through your favorite coin dealer or online. The following Modern Commemorative silver dollars usually sell for a premium due to their low availability and high demand.

Proof coins are easily distinguishable by their highly polished mirrored like fields. All the prices and values listed below assume that the original mint packaging i. Marshals Service th Aniv. Related Topics. Coin Collecting. Read More.Items purchased in an Auction require payment by PayPal within 3 days of purchase.

Auction payments are managed automatically by eBay. If an Auction item is not paid for within three 3 days eBay will automatically open an Unpaid Item Case. Liberty Coin is a California-based retailer and is required to collect CA Sales Tax on all purchases of collectible coins or precious metal bullion shipped within California. There are two possible excemptions from CA Sales Tax when purchasing collectible coins or precious metal bullion:.

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1983 1984 us gold silver olympic 3 coin commemorative proof set

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Orders for Bullion products cannot be Cancelled or Returned for any reason.Finds Extreme Poverty and Human Rights In an Unexpected Place by Robby Berman Playing Super Mario 64 Increases Brain Health in Adults by Stephen Johnson Scientists Link 2 Genes to Homosexuality in Men by Robby Berman Loading.

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1983-1984 Olympic Silver and Gold Commemorative 3 Coin Uncirculated Proof Set

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1983 1984 us gold silver olympic 3 coin commemorative proof set

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1984 Summer Olympics commemorative coins

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