This guide is a complete walkthrough of the Aggressive approach to the Diamond Casino Heist. The aggressive approach, as the name suggests, is pretty straightforward. You go in guns blazing without regard for any stealth.

You do not need to worry about the cameras or the guards and simply fight your way in and out. This guide will give you an overview of the whole approach showing you the best setup. Let's take a look at all the important prep missions that need to be completed for this approach and how to do them.

These prep missions can be completed either solo or with a friend and can be done in either a public or solo session. Although it is possible to complete the prep missions alone, we recommend that you enlist the help of a friend. For a gunman, players would normally go for an expert level gunman here, seeing as the approach is aggressive and requires a lot of combat during the heist. However, that is completely wrong.

Do not get baited! You can also choose the loadout you prefer, either the shotgun or revolver one although we prefer the shotgun. It won't matter as you will get the SMG with both of them If you choose a shotgun loadout then it will be beneficial in close range combat situations. In our opinion the revolver is not worth it as the fire rate isn't too good given the combat nature of the heist. So you should choose the shotgun loadout which will give you a shotgun and SMG to carry out the heist finale.

If it was up to us, we wouldn't hire any driver at all since we won't be using the getaway vehicle. We are not saying you do not need to choose the vehicle at all, but if the vehicle is in a good spot, such as in a parking lot next to the sewer tunnel entrance, then by all means go for the vehicles. Otherwise just get a pedestrian car for your escape. More on that later in this guide. The hacker always plays the most important role in the Diamond Casino Heist.

They decides the total time you get in the vault before the alarm goes off. Therefore, we recommend you spend all you have on the hacker and do not hold back.

If you haven't unlocked AVI then check out our guide here. So if you do not want to go through the work of unlocking Avi just choose Paige. However, unlocking Avi is totally worth the effort.The Diamond Casino Heist is a heist in Grand Theft Auto Online which tasks players with infiltrating or assaulting the Diamond Casino and robbing the secure vault contained within.

Team up with her, and hacker genius Lester Crest, to plan and execute a heist like no other. This heist has a variety of approach vectors, several opportunities for setup and prep missions, and objectives may change on the fly if things go wrong during the job. Players can obtain the new Arcade Business property by meeting Lester in Mirror Park, which will house the following playable games:. The setup mission must be completed to gain access to Heist planning.

There are several heist setup missions, and they will differ based on the approach you decide to take. Players can collect certain pieces of equipment, which will allow them to practice elements of the heist, to increase their likelihood of success.

As long as your crew has shared lives remaining, failure isn't the end. Failing specific scenarios will not mean the end for the heist as a whole, but rather shift the team into a new scenario. There are several heist prep missions, and they will differ based on the approach you decide to take.

Setup missions can be launched from the Heist Setup Board in the Underground Hideout, and revolve around intel acquisition. These missions can be used to gather information and equipment to aid in the heist. Once players have completed the one- time missions, they will need to choose a Heist approach. Heist Prep will change, based on the heist approach chosen by the group leader, and which ones are completed will determine the various bonuses, equipment, weapons, vehiclesand crew they will have access to in the Heist Finale.

Players will be able to select their Heist Crew based on various factors, with each one contributing a particular skillset to the job. Once players have picked their approach and completed prep missions, the Heist Leader can initiate the finale.

After finalizing details and choosing the location of the Buyer, the Heist Finale will begin. This stage will vary wildly based on the approach chosen, the particular intel players gathered, and the equipment obtained during the Setup phase.

Last Edited: 12 Dec pm. NOTE: When replaying the Heist, the approach used during the last completion will be unavailable, and on the next replay, that particular approach will be more difficult, and marked by a Skull Post-It note.

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gta casino heist gold glitch

In This Wiki Guide. Rated "M". Developer Rockstar North. Release Date September 17, Table of Contents.This guide explains the maximum possible Casino Heist payout. The payout varies depending on which type of content you find.

Cash is the most common loot, followed by artwork, gold and finally diamonds. The value of your heist haul and maximum potential payout increases as the rarity of the vault content increases. In table below we show you the maximum potential payout and take that you can expect for each type of vault content. Note that the first time you do the heist you will always get cash, and on subsequent attempts you might get artwork, gold or diamonds.

As you can see in the table above, gold and finally diamonds are easily the most profitable types of loot though. Which loot you will receive is completely random, but some loot will appear more often than others.

gta casino heist gold glitch

In fact, it correlates to the maximum potential payout of the loot types. So cash is most common, followed by artwork and so on through to diamonds. Note, however, that it appears Rockstar has the ability to adjust the probability of getting a particular type of loot. When doing the Casino Heist you cannot use the same approach twice in a row it will be locked. However, you can return to a previous approach if you use a different approach in the meantime like doing Aggressive, then Big Con, then back to Aggressive.

This means that the guards will be stronger, there will be more of them and their detection rate will be higher. There will also be six locks to destroy on the vault instead of the normal four, and two fingerprint hacks to do instead of the regular one. You can check out a video of us doing Hard Mode and looting diamonds here. There's also no guarantee that you will walk away with the exact amount stated in this guide because as you get into combat situations and take damage you will lose a small amount of money for every hit you take.

The amount lost is between 0. The Aggressive approach is fun and quick, but you risk losing quite a bit of your take due to amount of damage you will inevitably suffer.

When calculating your final payout you also need to take your crew members' and Lester's cuts into consideration. After that it is time for you and your heist-mates the finale heist is for between 2 to 4 players to split the percentages amongst yourselves. The ability to loot diamonds from the Casino was actually locked when Rockstar first released the Diamond Casino Heist content. However, we then discovered that it was unlocked during the week of February 18, i.

It has now been confirmed that Rockstar has the ability to turn diamonds loot on and off, and that they will enable it for certain events, promotions or other significant dates.

gta casino heist gold glitch

Maximising the amount of time you get inside the vault is essential. Every second counts when it comes to looting it. Whenever choosing the hacker for your heist we recommend that you always go for the best hackers available, which are Paige Harris and Avi Schwartzman.

GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist Setup Guide: Approaches, Access Points of Interest, Support Crew

She gives you 3 minutes and 15 seconds in the vault. We recommend Avi as 15 seconds extra can really make a difference in your end payout. The time it takes for the animations to play out while you're looting must be considered when working out the time you'll have to work in the vault. So adding those extra 15 seconds with Avi will allow you to loot the maximum possible content, increasing your final take.

During the heist you can also grab some extra cash from the secret vault, which is on the ground floor right next to the elevator. The switch to open up the secret vault door is in the CCTV room next to the elevator. It will vary from heist to heist though. If you grab the cash from this secret vault you also get an award for doing so called the "Daily Cash Grab", it gives you a RP bonus too.

This max amount is possible when you loot diamonds only.

GTA Online Casino Heist: Why The Gold Glitch Is Pointless ($3,662,500 Cap)

There was a glitch now patched which would let you respawn gold bars after you had collected all but the last one. Once you were left with just one gold bar on the tray, you could just back out of the grabbing animation and start taking them again. Then when you were in the grabbing position again, the gold would respawn. Questions or comments?The Diamond Casino Heist is the biggest ever to hit GTA Online, and requires drawing up meticulous setup plans to walk away with the maximum payout.

The first time you successfully run the Heist is free. We have a full page on what you need to do, here. Interacting with the laptop launches the first setup mission — Arcade Equipment — where you track down some initial kit for your hideout. Make your way to the Post Op Depository and chase down the jacked truck.

Take out the drivers and schlep back to your arcade. On your return another cutscene plays where Lester runs through the prospective plan in three parts: scope, prepping, score. Scoping is split into two missions, scope out the casino and scope out the vault contents. You can scope all of the access points in scoping the casino, but you can only get the first six points of interest. All of the routes require a similar amount of prep, so choose whichever you like the look of most — you can always play the others later.

It involves fighting the casino security all the way through the building and using thermal charges to blow the vault open as well as the locked doors inside.

In this approach you don a disguise to get inside the casino, then sneak your way to the vault, drill it open, then grab as much as you can carry and fight your way out. This is probably the most changeable approach, because you can find different entrance disguises and your plan changes quite a lot based on your entry point.

Through optional setup missions you can plan multiple disguises to get you out of the casino as well. This is probably the toughest of the three to pull off successfully. It involves sneaking into the building with silenced pistols without getting caught, before drilling open the vault with a laser and avoiding security cameras to ride off into the sunset.

Your optional missions are the same as the Big Con, except that you can find an infiltration suit and steal an EMP instead of getting an exit disguise.

Remember you can pay to skip certain missions, but not all of them. Better support crews come at a higher cut of the total take, and some are more worth it than others.

Lester takes a small cut, then your support crew all take their allotted piece. There are then optional extras you can buy to help take the heat off of you in the getaway. Then you actually have to steal and make off with all the money. Any damage you take inside the casino also reduces your take as you drop notes. Diamonds however are not yet available. The latest update also dropped a ton of new vehicles for you to cruise around Los Santos. Grand Theft Auto 5. GTA Online. Enable JavaScript to sign up to our newsletter.Players can purchase an Arcade property from Maze Bank Foreclosures website from a selection of six locations, each one with a specific name:.

Visit Lester in Mirror Park to discuss a "business opportunity" in order to make the arcades available to purchase. Pixel Pete's is free to players who have linked their Twitch Prime account. The Arcade property allows for set-up and operation of Arcade Businesses, similar to other properties. The following races were added:. Two additional weapons were added to the game: the first one is unlocked after a required step in the Casino Heist and the second one unlocked as a reward for solving the " Los Santos Slasher " mystery and is part of the Red Dead Redemption 2 unlockables.

The weapons display on Ammu-Nation has been changed. Weapons were rearranged in a way that the DLC section has extra room. Off-road wheels have been updated, whereby all custom wheels have tires that now use a tread pattern seen in newer-released off-road vehicles. This affects both Online and Story Mode. Twitch Prime members have the option of purchasing the Pixel's Pete Arcade property for free.

Players who logged in during the event were awarded the "It's a Wrap" livery for the Comet Safari. Players who own the "Yellow Dog with Cone Statue" Penthouse decoration get early access to various clothing items, such as two Yellow Dog with Cone T-Shirts, a chain, and a pair of slip-on loafers.

Diamond Casino Heist - Aggressive Approach Full Guide

The clothing items originally available to players who purchased the "Yellow Dog with Cone" statue are now available to all players. Players who logged in during the event were awarded the Albany Tee. Any subseqeunt Casino heists now also have a small possibility of diamonds being found as the vault item. Nightclub income is doubled. Players who logged in during the event were awarded the Dinka Tee.

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The Diamond Casino Heist

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