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How to use Mobile Legends in Advanced Server

Balmond Features. Tigreal Tank Build.Post a Comment. List of new heroes on advanced servers, namely Guinevere, Khufra, Faramis.


As always mobile legends will update the hero gradually, but it's different if you are on an advanced server. You can use the new update hero list before the release on the original server, even your friends don't know about the new hero that will release.

Before moving to an advanced server, make sure the original server account has reached level 15 advanced server 1. When you change the server and there is a statement that the server is full, then you have to do it at midnight or before morning.

Because too many players fell asleep at that time.

how to see mobile legends server

If you have succeeded in the first way You do not immediately return to the original server. Use a different account when connecting an advanced server account After you successfully connect.

how to see mobile legends server

Then you can easily switch servers. Share this post. Subscribe to Free News Articles by email:.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Iklan Atas Artikel. Iklan Tengah Artikel 1. Iklan Tengah Artikel 2. Iklan Bawah Artikel. About Contact Privacy Policy Disclaimer.They are the player-controlled character in. The minimal package for Battle Points starts at with the maximizing at 32,Hero Fragments start at maxing at Tickets start atmaxing atwhile Diamond packages start at and maxing at Skins and Heroes can only be also bought with Diamonds, Lucky Spin can also reward you with Heroes or Skins and reset reward every week, accessible by going to Shop in the main menu and tapping Lucky Spin, There is also another way to buy Heroes and Skins, by going to the Fragment Shop you need PremiumRareand Hero Fragments which are a bit difficult to obtain.

The game rewards you with some early Battle Points in order to buy your first heroes and not to be stuck with the same heroes to play. Note: Freya is the only hero that can't be bought with the game's currency. She can only be bought by recharging for diamonds or with diamonds if players not chosen Freya after first top-up. Borg Zilong. There are roles and specialties within the game but there is a distinct difference between "Roles" and "Specialties".

In order to have a well functioning team throughout a game, it is important for players to know their role and their specialties within the heroes they use, as well as the differences between the two.

how to see mobile legends server

A role or class is a category that your character will play throughout the game. Each of these classes has their unique stats and ability, but some of them are stronger than others. Note: Some heroes are called hybrid or classified in 2 classes but it doesn't mean they are stronger than single classed heroes.

Hero Specialty is the expertise of a hero they greatly excel in. This specialty allows a hero in disrupting the crowd or controls the battlefield through slow effects, stun, knock up and other effects.

Heroes that have this specialty are usually tanks, fighters, and mages. This specialty helps a hero in harassing and preventing opponents from farming and pushing. Most of the heroes that have this specialty are the marksmen and assassins. This specialty helps in finishing off fleeing enemies.

Spell vamp is best suitable for heroes of this specialty. This specialty allows a hero to catch an enemy or start a team fight with blink skills like jumping. This specialty is usually for fighters and assassins. This specialty helps in pushing turrets through their skills because they can deal high damage to turrets, so they push alone.

This specialty is used by fighters. This specialty helps a hero in dealing damage in a longer period of time than Burst Damage. This is good at harassing enemies, reducing HP's opponents consistently, bit by bit. This specialty is very superior in the laning phase, where everything is still cautious in exchanging attacks and is usually used by mages. This specialty is practically the same as Damage but within a shorter period of time. This specialty is good in ganking enemies as they can finish them off in a short span and is usually used by mages and assassins.

Heroes with this specialty is suitable to fight enemy heroes who have a small HP because the hero is able to kill off enemy HP quickly in a short time.

This specialty helps heroes to harass enemies, dealing little damage. This specialty is usually used by mages. This specialty is almost the same as Charge but is owned by those in charge of opening the fight, usually by tanks and fighters.

Main Article: Meta Heroes Meta heroes are usually the recently released one or recently buffed ones with overpowering skills, or the ones that most commonly or rarely banned on Ranked Game.Achievements give special rewards for what special types of conditions you meet in a match. Human vs AI and Custom Mode don't count. Getting achievements will benefit you achievement experience and battle points. How to: There both the same, its 20 Points in your Favor in a match or Against you, and win the match a Clear Example.

You'd want your team number to be higher than 20 to win too it will give you Ringer kind of the opposite of Epic Comeback. Or a lot of money through Diamonds your choice.

All Heroes

Discounts: if you play Free Characters a lot in Match Up they will offer you Discounts, on buying up to 24hours. How to: Really simple, no matter a victory or loss in any game, to gain Battle Points, you will get this easy. Bring the Pain: Same thing, but you need to kill some heroes, about as equal HP as the Lord, having a team without a Tank, damaging the opponents will be difficult. How to: Similar to Man of Steel and Bring the Pain, but now you gotta Put some EXTRA Effort, and Murder and Murder and Murder Players lol and hope to hell you take less dmg as possible I recommend Gord as he have a good range, with a cooperative team, and enemies who are getting beaten yet not surrendering, k is alot.

Assists if someone has attacked it first they get a Kill, and you get a Assist, make sure you get the 1st Strike. So beat everyone on your team to get MVP. Also, you can look at the timer at the top of your screen till the number hits?? Recommend: a Jungling Weapon, and a Speedy Character. How to: this can pose a struggle for Players who are trying to rank up, basically how to do this is getting a Promotion to the next Rank. Example: Warrior to Elite 1 point Elite to Master 2points total.

Note: Glorious legend is the top 50 players in your local server, some are lucky enough to be glorious with only 1 or 2 stars in Legend, some are unlucky as they have to get 30 or 40 stars to be Glorious. How to: if your a Speedy Killer, or a Marksmen this shouldnt be a problem if your in the PvP market, got to be the 1st hitter, and kill 5 players QUICKLY to reach penta kills, after the 1st kill gets light off you got least 5seconds for each kill.

Note: you get 1 legendary every match, even if you died and got it again, it doesn't count, each match you get one legendary. How to: Pretty Simple, just be there to kill the turret. How to: 3 games per National Contest no matter if its 2 wins in a row you still gotta play the 3rd game.

How to: Got a Girlfriend? Got a Best Friend? Good thing is you can Parcel, the cheapest skins to players when there on sale "if i had all the money in the world id give Every Friend of mine a Skin that they wanted haha but i am not rich" -SoundsWildelyInsane. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. Categories :.Most players do not know about it so that they play in a limited area. Extend your fun with new experience and more server areas. Do you attract to try a new way of playing legends server without a VPN?

A great game player should open mind and like a challenge. Therefore, dare to take this challenge! You will learn about legends server without a VPN today. However, it does not matter to flashback for a moment about the importance of VPN in your games.

Although the effect is so great, it is not difficult to change your server using VPN. The most important thing is you have installed VPN turbo apps on your smartphone. Then, open it as well as the country of the server through a Globe icon.

Choose the country that you want to play so the VPN turbo will connect to your server automatically.

Quite open your game and your server has moved on the destination country server.

How to Check Your League of Legends Ping Out of the Game

A few tips to try change legends server without a VPN should know to complete your insight. You should pay attention to each server ping before changing the server.

Is any difference to play in the local server and other countries? This page will guide to play in Europe, Japan, and India as an example. In this case, this page uses Bot and show how to meet Bot:. Indeed, you have two options to change your Mobile Legends server.

At least, there are 3 advantages that this page can describe for you. The third benefits are:. The first advantage is you will meet a new server from the country that you choose.

Of course, play with foreigners is more fun and full of adrenaline. Who knows you can continue your friendship to real life. Many couples meet in an online game like this. It is your chance to seemly to meet your couple. You might think you are the expert but you never know how the skill of your opponent.What is this advanced server anyway?

While in other MOBA you need to get an exclusive account for this, here in Mobile Legends, you need only to be an Android user, playing in South East Asia region, level 20 above and have a decent latency to access the said server.

No this is permanent and it will serve as testing ground for new hero, new skin, and new updates. As a testing ground, expect that there will be bug a lot of bugs in this server. Also in playing in two servers, this will divert your attention on which account you are going to focus to reach higher Tier.

Also as a new server, all your skins, progress will be refreshed. That is what I found cons in playing in Advance Server. As for advantage, of course you can play the hero before it release on public. This will gives you idea on everything that might happen in the future.

I also like the playing with advanced players in this server. As we mentioned above, only level 20 above and with stable can play on Advance Server.

This is a good assurance that you will get teamed up with players having decent connection as well as advanced players as they already reached level 20 in original server. This is a worry for most players. I understand as some players experience wiped out for not binding their game on Facebook or Google account.

Well for assurance you should bind your account on Facebook or Google. In this case, you are not actually changing account but server. You can go back anytime you want from your main server. How come there is no option for me to play rank in the advance server.

how to see mobile legends server

Im level 6, account level 6 as well, have 5 heroes and still no option to play rank? Please help. Any answer for this? Im facing the same issue where i only have my hero skin advanced server where in original server only normal skin. In fact i have 2 different name in both advanced and original server. How come every time i switched to advance server, all the updates made from my original account and the advance server will be gone and you have to update both of your account all over again?

The game keeps loading then it says that network error please retrt the game. This just happens when i switch to advance server.

Download Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Private Servers v1.4.37.4723

Please can you help me i cant play this game. Why did my Advanced server button is not popping out of my mobile legends? Do we have any option to switch or move may account in Advance Server to Normal Server or either ways?

I always have to update everytime when entering the advance server…. Why the fuck does only android users get to use this? Is it so hard to optimize anything for ios?See if Mobile Legends is down or having service issues today. Please don't call "support numbers" posted below — most probably it's a scam. Make sure to report and "downvote" such posts. Also don't post any of your personal information. MobileLegendsOL Wtf? Net problem?????????? MobileLegendsOL Fix lag spikes please :.

MobileLegendsOL please improve your connection! Always lag when playing, suck. MobileLegendsOL do something pls. MobileLegendsOL is there any issue with the new update? It lags, and get we die. Is MobileLegendsOL down? MobileLegendsOL fix lag. Noob wakeup already at MobileLegendsOL already.

Cannot play ranked anymore. MobileLegendsOL how do you deal with a crashed ml account? MobileLegendsOL stop nerfing heroes I'm so fucking tired. MobileLegendsOL Game crashed with a notice "unknown error" idk what is it? MobileLegendsOL you'll lose players with this lag.

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