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4-Speed Automatic Transmission (01M)

Password forgotten? Click here. Speed sender for 4-speed Automatic, 01M transmissions. One of two sensors, this sensor specifically interacts with the transmission control module to determine shift points. A failed sender can cause the transmission to stay in a lower gear. This sensor uses a D-shaped connector. If your vehicle's sensor uses a square shaped, black connector, you will need the "A4 Automatic Square" style speed sensor.

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How to replace / remove speed sensor on VW Golf Mk4, Bora, Jetta in 3 simple steps!

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You can expect great quality and the best in driving over many years. The Automatic Transmission Speed Sensor helps control the system by using information from the actual speed of the car. It allows for automatic gear shifting for example. Any driver can attest that this is a fine feature and makes driving effortless.

That is why it is important to find a simple, low cost replacement that will last for a long time. If the auto part stops working, the correct plan is a new high performance replacement component to restore your Volkswagen in ideal condition.

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vw g68 sensor location

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vw g68 sensor location

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G68 Transmission Speed Sensor For 4 Speed Auto Transmission

Product Note: Speed Sensor -Mounted on the transmission. Read more reviews. Catalog: A. Catalog: B.Jatco Transmission problem. Hello,just joined up how you doin? I have a 04 Jetta with the 09A jatco je trans Have a problem with this problem transmission that I have not seen or read about during my search which led me here or my experience with this trans I am a Landrover Technician and this trans is in the Freelander I have a code P output speed sensor no signal,I have taken the ohm readings and resistance is off the chart,sensor is in the differential on the INSIDE of transmission VW sells the sensor but will not service it.

Vehicle hasmiles on it,speedo doesn't work right away then jumps to 25mph once you get going transmission is not sure when to shift any input will be greatly appreaciated thanks.

Hi there. Send me an email at pruzink charter. Its not a teardown procedure but you might find it of some use. The manual shows 3 speed sensors. Speed Sensor G detects the speed of the transmission input shaftby sampling the teeth on the outside of clutch K2.

First off, there is a myriad of mistakes that could be made doing this. I cant remember all of them to guide you through but I'm sure since your a landrover mechanic certainly you can do it. Unfortunatly the sensor you need requires splitting the case to fix it.

All you really need to do is split the case with the trans on the bench with the bellhousing facing up. The pump and stuff should stay put and as long as you don't pull any of the componants up, then you wont have to worry.

vw g68 sensor location

You will need to lift off the differential, but it will sit right back down, in it's bearing, without any problems. Here's a pic of the trans with the bell removed. Below is a pic after I lifted out the differential. The output speed sensor g68 is the one under the gear. Heres a closer pic. You'll have access to the filter while your in there.

So you get a once in a lifetime opportunity to change the filter! Probably would be a good idea to change the fluid temp sensor and the G and G also. Here's the G behind the back cover. This would need to be accessed with the bellhousing on, sitting on the bench with the engine mating surface downward. This one might even be changeable in the car, but I've never had opportunity to try. This one could get a guy in alot of trouble if the clutch drums moved out and you didn't get them all the way back in.

On the bench its probably not an issue though, because gravity will hold everything down.Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Golf 1J transmission speed sensors non exisrtant errors! Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

vw g68 sensor location

Golf 1J transmission speed sensors non exisrtant errors! Last edited by Uwe; at AM. Last edited by Jef; at AM. Man I would love this answer also! I have a customer more a kid learning the trade Same problem. So far he has changed sensor twice second time new one I ordered for him so it's the correct part. He has also gotten a used harness and removed the two shielded wiring harness's for both G38 and G68 After used harness G68 has not returned.

The kid is taking automotive classes at local community collage he and the instructor have scoped the sensor with no problem found. Sense then he has changed a few TCM's also. I laugh at this all the time and keep telling the kid you sure you want to be a mechanic? LOL I believe he still needs a harness overlay for G38 however I have never seen a part for this harness? I also can't locate the TSB to read. Anybody got a copy?

LOL He just can't understand it It's funny watching him fight this problem this is real VAG training. Welcome to my world I would say find and read the TSB and buy the overlay harness for both sensors.

If you find them please get me a copy. Jack is gonna tell us 01M are a POS!How to change filter on 01M. How to remove valve body on 01M. How to remove 01m trans. How do I reset adapts? After certain types of repairs like transmission replacement, or undoing a overzealous " kerma mod", or TCM replacement it is necessary to reset adapts on your Vw's trans.

Use vag -com or other full function OEM compatable scan tool. First start the software and go into Auto trans section. Then click on "adaptation" Make sure channell reads "00".

If not enter it in there. Then click "read" Click save and adaptives will be reset. Should I change my fluid? Do you recommend a source for the filter and gasket? I can provide the filter and gasket. Which oil would be best? For liability reasons I cannot tell you to use anything but the OEM fluid.

I can get sued for that and would loose in court every time. I run Mobile 1 multi vehicle in my own car. And I have several customers that have used Peak multi vehicle in their car, and they report good success. Also some folks on the internet have reported good success with Valvoline Max life Multi vehicle fluid. Of course GA2 is the correct fluid as required by the OEM, and for best results you should use that.

Use any other fluid at your own risk. Should I do a flush?G68 sensor removal. Error code p -indicates no signal. Per review of here and others indicates g68 sensor error either the sensor itself or wiring. I removed airbox and battery box - removed the tranny mount, lowered the tranny and have access to the G68 sensor. Had Major pain in the butt disconnecting the electrical connector - anybody got an easier way to remove these connectors? I end up breaking them about half the time What I did see is that where the pigtail ran from the sensor to the connector it went under a retaining clip which rubbed the insulation and shielding off of the wires and I assume grounded out the signal.

So now I'm trying to remove the sensor itself. I've removed the 10mm bolt holding it in and the sensor rotates around the hole but does not seem to want to come out. Any words of wisdom on how to get it out? Thanks in advance, Tim. OK - just held in by a sticky o-ring. Now to see if I can tape the bare spots and see if it works - otherwise it's time to order a new sensor.

With that mileage and you're already in there I would change the sensor rather than fix it and hope it lasts longer. Don't forget the mount bolts are most likely single use and should be replaced as well. The job turned out to be not so bad - if anyone in the DC NOVA area needs help on this in the future let me know - should be able to do it in 2 hours. Thanks all for posting here - the search function is extremely helpful in diagnosing problems.

Did you buy new stretch bolts for the trans mount? It was recommended highly to do that. Originally Posted by CopaMundial. How to on lowering the transmission on new beetle. I saw a few threads on someone going to do the G68 sensor replacment, But never quite shows the pics or step by step instructions on removing which bolts to safely lower the 01m tranny.

I have never done it so I don't want to mess it up or make more work for myself. So anyone here, have any sugestions that would be useful, or even better a step by step pic to text instructions or even better still a complete video of the process. I haven't seen any on youtube or anywhere else.

It would be very much appreciated. I did find an article with 2d pics on how to do it. But not sure why I have to take the other steps mentioned.Forum Auto VW Need to know where output speed sensor is.

Results 1 to 4 of 4. Thread: Need to know where output speed sensor is. Need to know where output speed sensor is Its for a 2. Oh yeah code thats left is so iono if its for the G22, G38, or G68 sensor. Re: Need to know where output speed sensor is Anyone have a clue? Which sensor it is?

Caja de Volkswagen Jetta - Sensor G68 y G69

Crank, G22, G38, G68 sensor bad? Please lmk thanks. And is not a valid error code atleast not one that I could find.

It would need to be a P code or a 5 digit code that we would recognize. They would not keep the engine from running.

They will just put the transmission in limp mode. It will run and drive just fine, but will be locked in 3rd gear. So look directly at the oil filter bracket, look to the right of it and look down. Right above the oil pan. You could also find the 3 pin connector that is fastened to the top of the oil filter housing, follow it up, to the left, downto the right behind the oil filter and find it in the same place I described above. If you can get us an actual scan from a Vag-Com, We might be able to help you get your car running easier.

Re: Need to know where output speed sensor is The cars running fine, its just the error code, I just wanted to get everything done correctly before I actually drove it lol, the error code is P Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Powered by: vBulletin Version 4.

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